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Datang decryption using lignite coal to olefins project

    With this in August, the first set of Shenhua Baotou Coal-to-olefins industrial unit production run, the people concerned sights again Shenhua Baotou Coal-olefin (hereinafter referred to as Shenhua Baotou project) of the sister project - Inner Mongolia Datang International Doran 460,000 tons of coal to olefins project (hereinafter referred to as Big Tang Duolun project).
    Two coal-to-olefins project, all indicate that China has mastered the first industrialization of key technologies of coal to olefins,padlock have created a high-carbon energy world new ways of low-carbon development. The difference is that Shenhua Baotou project with the anthracite, which is used in large Tang Duolun lignite project.

    Goal difference determines the difficulty and significance of the two projects are completely different.

    Featuring bold practice poor quality fuel coal chemical industry.

    Anhui University of Technology, according to Professor Shen Juan, lignite coal resources in coal rank is low in mineral coal. Compared with other coal, lignite is a high volatile (50%), high moisture (30%), low calorific value (14MG/kg so), poor quality fuel with low ash melting point. Because lignite contains high moisture, and the price is cheap, does not facilitate long-distance transport, the world's lignite is mainly used for pit burning power generation.

    CCIN Shen Juan told reporters that China has proven reserves of about 130 billion tons of lignite reserves, the country accounted for about 13% of coal reserves are concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Heilongjiang. China is also using brown coal power generation, such as Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. Jinzhou Power Plant, is the use of lignite coal mines in Inner Mongolia Yuanbaoshan power. However, China has excess power capacity in the use of pit lignite rich area power constrained by many objective conditions, is difficult to build large power plants; and lignite, the characteristics of long-distance transport is not economic, but also determines the region away from the lignite power plant can not use lignite power generation. Therefore, some experts believe that large-scale use of brown coal power generation is not realistic.

    China's abundant lignite resources, how to use most ideal has always been an important topic of the parties.

    Later, experts found that the use of lignite gasification is a good way. Gasification is under certain conditions, the combustion process of coal to oxygen and steam as gasification medium, the carbon contained in coal and hydrogen into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane and other active ingredients. Lignite gasification process, including raw material preparation and gas production, purification, desulfurization, gas conversion, gas purification and methane synthesis. Lignite gasification to produce town gas, pipeline gas, ammonia, urea, methanol and other hydrocarbon intermediates.

    As a result, China began the development of the use of lignite coal chemical bold attempt.

    Complex coal gasification technology features into the key to success.

    As a major power generation companies, Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. and ultimately, to deal with coal. When they have total reserves of 70 billion tons of coal II East victory, it was found that the lignite coal mine is more suitable for engaging in coal chemical industry. Thus, beginning in 2005, Datang International Investment 19.5 billion from the East in the near coal mines in Inner Mongolia victory 二号 Duolun County, began to build an annual output of 460,000 tons of coal to olefins project. All raw materials and the project are to use coal and lignite coal fuel.
    Different coals, are required to use a different gasifier. More general use of brown coal furnace Dutch Shell, while the high quality coal is generally used in the United States Texaco furnace.

    Shell and Texaco pressurized gasification coal-water slurry pressurized gasification are the world's more advanced gasification technology, are both entrained flow gasification method. But the two furnace gasification technology in many ways and have their own distinct characteristics, the adaptability of coal a big difference. Texaco furnace adapted to the bituminous coal, anthracite and bituminous coal and anthracite in addition to Shell's furnace, but also for lignite and sub-bituminous coal.

    Because coal is different from the project with Shenhua Baotou Texaco gasifier, and a large Tang Duolun lignite coal as the limitations of the project, only select the Shell gasifier.

    CCIN reporter learned that the two furnaces in China have applied, but Texaco furnace applications in China has been very mature. For instance, Shanghai Coking 70s of last century the introduction of the 8 cities Texaco gas furnace production, operation and now has reached the "seven prepared to open a" world advanced level. Shenhua Baotou gasification project with 7 units, but also a drive to succeed and achieve the "Five and Two prepare" ideal state. In China, the introduction of the use of Shell's furnace to a profoundly different.

    Tang, head of energy and chemical company, said Hu Changsheng, while Shell's coal gasification technology with high degree of automation, operational safety, large capacity, efficient and clean environment, etc., but the lack of systems engineering experience, primarily related to equipment performance often fail to technical requirements.

    It is understood that, since 2001, the domestic chemical industry and Shell signed a total of 19 contracts, the introduction of the 23 sets of Shell's coal gasification plant, but by 2009, only half of the gasifier to run a car or a car, health, failure to achieve the desired vision.

    According to Hu Changsheng said, because a large Tang Duolun largest project is the world's first production of polypropylene using brown coal demonstration projects, the use of the Shell gasifier is currently the world's largest, single investment amount of coal for the furnace at 4,000 tons, so large The gasifier is not used around the world precedent. Shenhua Baotou this project than the project becomes even more difficult. In fact, Shell is the furnace in the process of building and testing problems, a great impact Tang Duolun an important factor in the progress of the project.

    Hu Changsheng CCIN told reporters that a large Tang Duolun 3 sets of Shell gasifier projects, problems encountered in a lot of debugging. Such as how to solve the low alpine region in Inner Mongolia, the safety and stable operation of the conflict is a big problem. In accordance with the requirements of suppliers, from a security perspective, the gasifier should be completely open state. But Mongolia is often below the winter outdoor temperature -30 ℃. This low temperature, high moisture content lignite will appear the phenomenon of cold obstruction, difficult to heat hot mix, the slightest mistake, there will be running sluggish. And if containment measures taken on the gasifier, lignite dust concentration is too high will cause because of safety problems, the production of a threat. Great Tang Duolun project after many repeated demonstration and exploration, to take a trade-off semi-closed state, a better solution to this chronic problem.

    Hu Changsheng said, because Shell's coal gasification to eat a large amount of lignite drying effect on the control requirements of high speed milling and transport, which will increase the milling and drying load of the device and the stability of the aid system constitutes a test. Pre-dried lignite as particle size is small, prone to the phenomenon of collapse of coal, to the long-term stable production of a direct threat. Shell furnace for these problems, large Tang Duolun project debugging attention from equipment, process and technical aspects to be explored and resolved. Such as water vapor system to ensure the smooth water pipeline cleaning, 3 sets of their 2000 multiple gasifier to do without a plug water pipeline; by increasing the balance of the lock hopper valve management instrument air lines to solve the valve jam phenomenon; settings by modifying the program to solve the problem of V1503 and other relief for a long time.

    Through hard work, great Tang Duolun Shell gasifier project commissioning in good condition, gasification plant on October 18 this year a success and drive to produce synthesis gas, marking the world's largest, is the world's first 6 burn Shell gasifier Commissioning mouth success.

    Promising alternative to oil path if successful.

    It CCIN report, Datang International is not limited to the use of lignite coal to olefins, but also at the same time coal-gas development and utilization. At present, Datang International has an annual output of 40 billion cubic meters of two coal-gas project started. Inner Mongolia Datang which Keqi annual 40 billion cubic meters of coal gas project in June 2012 to be completed after the gas supply to Beijing; Tang Fuxin coal annual output of 40 billion natural gas project proposed in 2013 the economy began to Large Shenyang loop gas. Coupled with production nearing completion Duolun 460,000 tons of coal in Inner Mongolia olefins project, which three lignite use after completion of the project, 50 million tons of lignite can be used.

    As the demonstration effect of a large Tang Duolun project, a good momentum of China's use of lignite. Huaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity Power Group's companies 40 billion cubic meters / year of coal-gas project in September this year by the National Development and Reform Commission agreed to start preparatory work; Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. joint venture with Inner Mongolia Hohhot 4 billion m meters of coal gas project, also in Inner Mongolia next year Tuoketuo industrial park under construction. These projects are the brown coal into clean natural gas to compensate for a serious shortage of natural gas resources.

    Great Tang Duolun success of the project value, above all, a great strategic importance of energy security. China's energy structure is rich in coal, oil-poor, less gas. Coal in the energy mix in the proportion accounted for 65% or more. Therefore, accounting for 13% of the total lignite coal resources for use once a breakthrough, for the safety of China's energy strategy is undoubtedly of great significance. Regardless of the coal to olefins, such as natural gas or coal, are alternative methods of using the oil path.

    Followed by the economy. Crude oil prices in the international context, the use of coal-chemical technology to produce these products are showing a growing economy. The economics of coal to olefins also much better than naphtha. According to expert estimates, the oil line, the olefin production, olefin to produce 1 ton takes about three tons of naphtha or light diesel oil, while the production of 1 ton of coal to olefins only consume about three tons of methanol. According to August 2010 data, the current domestic naphtha, light diesel oil market prices are more than 5500 yuan per ton, while the market price of methanol is only about 2200 yuan per ton. If the project base in the coal pit, and the device is equipped with large-scale economy, the full cost of coal methanol can be lower.

    Zhongmin, deputy director of Chinese Academy of DICP was analyzed to Baotou Shenhua project as an example. Shenhua coal gasification with a price around 420 yuan per ton, the price of coal boiler is about 250 yuan per ton, rail transport from 170 to 200 km. The accounts show that when the coal price per tonne 400 yuan, the equivalent cost of coal to olefins and naphtha to olefins, used 30 per barrel price of crude oil dollars. That is, as long as international oil prices down 30 dollars per barrel, coal-to-olefins can make money, not to mention the international crude oil prices have now risen to more than 80 U.S. dollars a barrel. "Obviously, coal-to-olefin production line has a very significant economic competitiveness." Zhongmin said.

    Example is the high quality coal than afterwards, and if the brown coal as raw material, economy better.

    Datang energy and chemical company, Zhongshan Li, deputy director of the Department of reporters to the CCIN calculations: the example of coal into methanol, are now calculated the price of lignite to the plant (including shipping) is about 140 yuan / ton, according to every 4.8 tons of lignite calculated to produce 1 ton of methanol, coal cost only 672 yuan / ton; and Baotou Shenhua coal prices of raw materials used for the project at 550 yuan / ton, fuel, coal 350 yuan / ton, the initial estimate, to produce 1 ton of methanol, coal costs 1200 yuan. From methanol to olefins process path roughly the same, the cost is roughly equal. Obviously, the use of lignite as raw material, its economy and price competitiveness to be better than other coal. The use of lignite coal, natural gas production, natural gas is more than the import price is a big advantage.
    With a large Tang Duolun gasification project successful ignition, at present, the main process of the project has opened up most of the individual among the key links are speeding up the debugging to realize the whole process has been opened up and formally put into production just around the corner.

    Industry experts agreed that, if Datang able to "eat" the world's largest Shell gasification of lignite a good start, is in itself a contribution to China's largest coal chemical industry.

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